Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Heart Pinterest

One of these days I pledge to go an entire day without using the word "Pinterest" in a sentence. Some day...

I had a 31 party and was thankful to have a great turnout of ladies. Instead of taking pictures of the fun bags and purses, I took pictures of the food. What can I say? I made the food, not the bags...

Mini Onion Quiches

Chicken & Crunchy Slaw
 Greek Salad Skewers

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

 Fruit Salsa & Cinnamon Chips

Mini Strawberry Mascarpone Tarts

And yes, I got most of these recipes from the place which shall not be named typed anymore in this post.

Speaking of that place, I also found some great ideas for re-doing items/furniture for the basement. We are finishing two bedrooms with a bathroom in between. One bedroom will have three sets of built-in bunkbeds and the colors are gray and yellow. I am using this light fixture somehow in that room. It is actually three lights in one, so I will probably take it apart, paint it, change out the green glass, and make three hanging pendant lights. I will post a picture when it is finished. Scored this beauty at the Powell ReStore for ten bucks...

The other bedroom will be coral and khaki. I am refinishing or making all of the furniture for that room as well, so here are my first pieces. The chair came from Goodwill and the dresser from the ReStore...

Paint and new fabric should do the trick

Paint, wallpaper, and new hardware and she'll be marvelous!

I will post more before, during, and after pictures as I go. Wish me luck!


  1. I read this and two questions came to mind. 1) Why did you NOT invite me to your party so I could help eat all that fabulous food you made? ;P and 2) WHY do you need 3 sets of bunk beds in one room??? Are you expecting sextuplets or starting a ranch or camp or something? You always have the most interesting things up your sleeve so do tell! =)

  2. Ha! Okay, so #1- you can come anytime and I will make it all over again just for you! And #2- we have several friends with large families that will hopefully be coming to visit, so we figured built-in bunkbeds were the way to go! We also will be making it available for college groups, special speakers and their families, missionary families, etc., that visit our church and need a place to stay. No sextuplets for us!