Monday, August 6, 2012

Pools & Pillows

We finally started feeling some of the heat here in Wyoming, so last week we made our first adventure out to the local KOA campground pool. Needless to say, Addison is a water bug. I was a little nervous about how she would do in a "real" pool, and how I would do with her in a "real" pool, so we did one day with me not in the pool with her and one day with me in the pool with her, and I definitely enjoyed being with her in the pool best.

I have always loved the water, but since my accident, I love it even more. I have more freedom of movement in water than I do in my chair. You wouldn't really know I was paralyzed if you saw me in the water, because I have "floating legs," and my legs naturally follow my body when I swim. It's great exercise as well, and Addison thought being with Momma in the "big pool" was much more fun then being in the kiddie pool.

I found a life vest/floatie thingy at Walmart, and after some intense persuasion, we got her to wear it. Now she loves it because wearing her lady bug = swimming.

How cute is she?

Being shy for the camera...

Dollar Store ring and dino floats- best buy ever!

Floating on her back- she thought that was pretty cool!

Staring longingly at the "big pool"

Russ' cousin is getting married in a few weeks, and I have been helping her with the planning. Her colors are gray and yellow, which inspired one of our downstairs bedrooms- the bunk bed room. Since there will be six twins altogether in the bunks, I wanted to make six different pillows- one for each bed. I gathered up six out-dated throw pillows from storage, went to a few fabric places, and ta-da! Six custom throw pillows! We are also using some of them in the wedding for this idea:

Fun times for casual pictures!

Old pillows...
New fabric...
New pillows!
 Now I'm not super great when it comes to running a sewing machine, but I can do straight lines, which is what this project required, so I was able to pull it off. I love how they turned out- fun and much more up to date. I have a few more to do for the khaki/coral room, but I don't need those for the wedding, so I'll worry about those later.

Can't end a post without a few more cute pics of Ms. Addison...

Notice the "do-it-myself" headband...

Showing Momma her tongue...

My family comes in this weekend from Indy/NYC, so I should have some fun pictures to post soon of all of our East meets West adventures. Fun times ahead!