Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Projects and Ice Cream

This weekend I completed my first "Pallet Project." I had seen this posted on Pinterest, and thought it was something I could manage. So I gathered my materials and coerced asked Russ to help with the power tool section, as sharp objects and I do not get along. First I stained the pallets.

I started with a brush, but it was taking FOREVER...

Russ saved the day with this edger thingy.

This went MUCH faster!

Attaching the legs.

Securing the legs with L brackets.

Attaching the casters.

Finished product!

TA-DA! Needs a wipe-down and a few touch-ups and it's good to go!

This table will go on our back porch with our other patio furniture. I love how it turned out, and although the staining was a pain in the butt and I received a few splinters, I enjoyed making something useful out of something that would have otherwise been thrown away!

Ms. Addison is having a cute week. Although she is doing this screaming thing when she gets frustrated that isn't so cute. Hoping it's a short-lived phase...

After church on Sunday.


Girl loves her some ice cream!

Russ' cousin introduced us to York dark chocolate and peppermint syrup, and my life will never be the same. Yummo! If I could find a way to work it into dinner, I would. For now, I settle for using it on every form of dessert I can...

Well, next project will be my bandana tablecloth for the 4th. We are having family over for Father's Day and grilling, so we are praying for nice weather. Also, Russ and I were thinking of buying a wheelchair-friendly camper, but when we found out it costs about a bazillion dollars more than we wanted to spend, we decided to finish a few rooms in the basement instead. I am planning on doing a lot of DIY projects with that, so hopefully more fun pictures to follow!

Have a great week!


  1. Addison is so ridiculously cute! Just seeing her picture makes me smile. =)

  2. I like your outdoor table! So fun! It turned out great.

    I might have to find me some of that dark chocolate peppermint syrup - sounds yummy!

    And agreement with Jennifer on how cute Addison is! :)