Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Decor Part 1

We have had a great weekend revving up for Christmas! This is the first year that Addison has truly been able to enjoy the holidays. She has been such a great helper, and it is a lot of fun seeing everything through her eyes. We've decorated and made Christmas cookies, and we have more fun things to come!

Christmas cookies:

Addison loved making these sugar cookies- we used the butter Crisco recipe. So yummy! She also enjoyed decorating them eating the sprinkles- and the flour on the counter for some reason? She would scoop it in her mouth and say, "Mmmmm!" Sugar, I would understand- but flour? Oh well- making memories!

Gel pens got a little crazy...


One of the things I was looking forward to most about the new house was decorating for Christmas! I had lots of ideas, and I've been buying stuff in the off-season (I should own stock in Hobby Lobby...). Here is what we have done so far...


Addison LOVES the lights- "Christmas lights so pretty!"

My Willow Tree Nativity Set. Slowly collecting more pieces every year...

I also tried my hand at another Pinterest project. I'm kinda' happy with how these trees turned out, but I definitely wish I would have used green styrofoam instead of the white ones.  Either that or find some teeny tiny balls to fill in the gaps so the white isn't so visible. Oh well- they are okay for a first attempt!

Baby tree

Medium tree

Big Daddy tree

Pretty tree family!
We still have to finish our main tree, dining room tree, and hang the outside lights. Russ has been crazy busy framing out the basement, so I am hoping to get some slave labor out of him tonight to start/finish the trees. Hopefully more pictures to come!

Addison's tree:

I let Addison pick out a little tree at Walmart for her room. She knew exactly what she wanted, right down to the pink/purple/silver balls and Minnie Mouse ornament!

Cast of characters

She kept stopping to hug her tree...

Still hugging...

Concentrating VERY hard...

More hugging...

Finishing touch- Minnie Mouse of course!

Final hug of the project...

Pretty girl with her pretty tree!

Hope everyone is enjoying making memories of their own!!!


  1. I LOVE the pictures of her hugging her tree, so cute! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. Love the Christmas decorations. :) All those pics of Addison's messy cookies are adorable as well as all the Tree-Hugging going on. hahaha.

    And I'm slightly jealous as I really want the Willow Creek nativity set. :) Maybe some year.... Really good idea to add pieces each year though!